Accelerating validation for Acumatica ERP systems

In case you haven’t heard, Acumatica has been listed in Gartner’s magic quadrant as one of the leading
ERP systems on the market. The system includes an innovative X RP platform that includes the full
gamut of supply chain functionality including Financial Management, Warehouse Management, Order
Management, Project Accounting, CRM, Payroll, Construction Management, Point of Sales, Inventory
Management, and much more. It is a cloud-based application designed to help rapid growth companies
thrive in the new digital economy.

Recently, Acumatica has been selected as the ERP system of choice for life sciences companies. To this
end, Acumatica’s ERP system must be valid datable and comply with the requirements of enterprise
technologies within the life sciences organization as mandated by the US Food and Drug Administration
as well as other regulatory bodies. Life sciences companies have approached me, asking how does
Acumatica comply with validation mandates, and can the system be validated?

My answer is yes; Acumatica can be validated. As a commercial off-the-shelf software application,
there are many requirements that we already know about the Acumatica ERP system. We recommend
using a validation accelerator to drive validation of this critical system. You can leverage a validation
accelerator developed and delivered by SVA Consulting, that provides all the documentation and test
scripts you need to validate the Acumatica system. The accelerator includes a full user requirement
specification linked through ValidationMasterâ„¢ to out-of-the-box test cases. Customers have the ability
to add their own unique requirements as necessary or redact unneeded requirements from the
Acumatica accelerator. Once that process is complete the system is ready for validation, but the
validation of the Acumatica system is streamlined saving you both time and money.

So how does one acquire the Acumatica validation accelerator? It is acquired through SVA Consulting;
an Acumatica Systems Integrator based in Madison, Wisconsin. SVA Consulting is a leading Acumatica
consulting organization that specializes in the implementation and deployment of the Acumatica ERP
System. SVA Consulting has developed a validation accelerator to streamline and optimize the
validation process. This accelerator, coupled with their expert system integration services provides a
unique approach for life sciences companies to help them rapidly adopt the Acumatica system.

If you’re interested in this innovative strategy for validation, contact SVA Consulting at

Damion Webb
Sr. Validation Engineer, OnShore Technology Group, Inc.

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